Hi everyone.  I wanted to share with you the new and improved Conquest ID program.  In the past, the Conquest ID program consisted of big packages of personal training.  This required a huge time commitment from both the members involved and the coaches that trained them. Over the last couple of months, Seth and I decided to retool the ID program, so that it would be more accessible for both the members and the coaches, both in time and cost.

Moving forward, the Conquest ID program will start with a 30 minute evaluation.  This evaluation will be conducted by Coach Seth, Coach Paul, or myself.  There will be a small 25 dollar fee for this evaluation.

This evaluation will have many purposes.  Of course we want to know what your goals are.  Your strengths vs. your opportunities.  What you really want to excel at, in and outside of the gym.  Together with Seth, Paul, or myself, we will lay out a roadmap on how to achieve these goals.  This could be in the form of 30 minute personal training sessions (this would be needed for things such as gymnastic training).  It could be that you wish to be stronger (this could come in the form of a squat program that you would do on your own before or after class).  It could be that you need help with nutrition (this would be directed towards Coach Natalie or myself).

Whichever the case, the roadmap will be discussed and then emailed to you in detail, so you can make the best informed decision that feels right for you. All of our coaches have expressed interest in coaching those of you who want more.  Depending on what modality or "area of CrossFit" you wish to excel at, we will help pick the right coach for the job. Different packages will be available and this will all be discussed in your evaluation. If it is accessory or strength work you desire, programs for this will also be discussed in your evaluation.  

I coach multiple classes per day now.  And I know that extra work needs to be put in to get that little extra "magic" that CrossFit has to offer.  Such as the butterfly pullup, or the muscle-up, or that full depth squat snatch. We want to be able to fill in the gaps for those that want more.  

We all took the first step to "try" CrossFit when we walked through the front door.  Weeks, or months, or years, or even decades later, we are realizing it was actually a "life changing" decision, and not just a fitness routine decision.  We have changed our eating habits, our sleeping habits, what kind of doctor we go to, who we hang out with, who we follow on social media, what t-shirt to buy, and what sneakers to wear.  CrossFit changes us. All for the better, in my not so humble opinion.  

Conquest ID evaluations will be available to everyone.  There is a sign-up sheet on a clip-board in the front of the class.  Simply jot down your name in any time slot that fits.  We will take care of the rest.

I look forward to meeting with some of you in the coming weeks.

Coach Jonny

"The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!"   -Buddy the Elf