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Award Winning CrossFit Gym in Davie

Do you find yourself struggling with a fitness or nutrition path that gets you results? If you've tried gyms and diets before but still struggle to get results, we are the place for you. Get started today with a free pass to our gym.

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How It Works

Attend a Free Class

Come see what our classes are all about. You'll spend an hour with one of our coaches (for free) and they will determine your fitness levels, help you with setting goals, and how we can help to achieve them.

Develop a Plan

You’ll then sit down with one of our experts to create a simple and sustainable plan to not only help reach your goals, but maintain them.

Get Results

Here’s where your transformation begins. Once we have the plan, we will implement and execute until you achieve your fitness goals. Our clients start to see results as early as two weeks! And all along the way, our coaches will be there every step of the way as your body transforms.

Who We Are

At CrossFit Conquest, we aim to be more than just a gym for you. We are dedicated to providing the best health, fitness and nutritional guidance for you. Our goal is to constantly push you past your limits and achieve constant progress. We strive to make everyone's fitness goals a reality.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve never been to a gym or you’ve been a gym-junkie your whole life; from the beginner who hasn’t exercised since their youth, to the serious athlete trying to improve in their sport, our gym is open and accessible to anyone. Our staff includes qualified coaches with varied backgrounds in fitness-related experience providing you with the best that fitness training has to offer.

What They Say

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...Two and a half years ago my resting heart rate was close to 90-100. Today, I am around 50. When people ask me what I do -- I proudly say CrossFit.

I went from smoking 2 packs a day to having a super healthy heart, and I am not sure I could have done it without you guys and the CrossFit community.


Member since 2018
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Conquest has been the best thing that's happened to me in the past two years. he coaches are professional and friendly and have helped me reach fitness goals I never thought possible. I truly enjoy this Crossfit gym and all it has given me.

Cory Bertram

Member since 2016
Testimonial Image

What a great experience! Joined a few weeks ago with my two kids, the owners/staff are incredible and very knowledgeable. Everyone makes you feel welcome. Great workouts, my son and I are already seeing changes in our weight and bodies. 🏋️💪😄

Marie Weinstein

Member since 2018
Testimonial Image

I love this place everyone is great, love my trainers. They really do care and it’s a family environment.

Nadine McGowan

Member since 2018
Testimonial Image

... I’m inspired by the people I’m working out with and the incredibly dedicated Coaches and staff. If you’re looking for a place to try it out, to get that one on one attention you’ve been missing somewhere else, you have to check out CrossFit Conquest!

David Zaret

Member since 2018


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