Hi everyone!

Just wanted to write a quick THANK YOU to all of you!  The CrossFit Games Open was a huge success this season!  Conquest had just about 100 members sign up to do the Open!  This is an enormous number, especially after coming off such a rough year in 2020! It was incredible to see everyone participate in doing the wods, whether or not they were registered.  Everyone left it all on the gym floor, and it was humbling to see.

Thank you to all of the members who stuck around and helped judge every Friday night.  You all made the staff's jobs much easier!  Thank you to Randall for always printing out those score cards! Thank you to all of the coaches who helped and supported all of the members.  Thank you especially to Ashanty and Jennipher for always making sure I am as organized as I need to be.  Thank you to my partner Paul Moran, who can run a night of wods better than anyone. Thank you to Coach Seth for creating and maintaining a very thorough competition program for those seeking more out of CrossFit.  Thank you for Dr. Jaime Gold for keeping everyone healthy!  Thank you Josh and Daniel for keeping everyone supple. Thank you to my wife Natalie and to my children Charlotte and Jackson, for putting up with my crazy schedule.

Also, a special thank you and congratulations to those that qualified for the quarterfinals and to those that qualified for the masters round coming in May.  I believe we had about 10 athletes qualify for second round wods.  This is absolutely the BEST that Conquest has ever done collectively in the Open!  We had another half a dozen come within a few percent of making it to that second round as well.  Which tells me next year we will have even more!

This was my 11th open.  Yes, I have participated 11 times.  And this was by far, the funnest year I have ever had!  So thank you ALL for making it a great one!

Till next year, when we have 200 registered for the open!  And yes, I will make T shirts.  Don't worry, Ashanty will remind me I said this.

Coach Jonny