With the CrossFit Games upon us, I wanted to take some time to talk about the return to competition training and what Conquest is planning to provide to all of you.

Recently some of you may have seen the announcements on Instagram and also the white board in the box regarding coached competition training for the Conquest Black program.  Before I go further, let me share a little bit of history regarding the Conquest Black program.

Years ago, we realized that in order to compete in CrossFit competitions at most levels, a certain amount of additional training would be necessary.  What we saw at competitions 10 years ago, is vastly different today.  Weights are heavier today.  Gymnastics much more difficult.  Cardio demand through the roof. Knowing we would need to train more, we developed a program specifically for those that wanted to compete.  It was not coached but simply programmed. Most of the coaches did the program, as did I. My sessions with my coaches and friends are some of the best CrossFit memories I have.  We all made massive gains on this program and competed in all of the local comps, and even sent a team to Regionals.

Keep in mind, we developed this before all of the "other" comp train programs were available to anyone and everyone. Once comp train programs became available, many of our athletes decided to try different ones out.  Even I did.  Many of them.  The problem was, and still is, with so much information out there, it was hard to have a cohesive group,a team if you will, training together with the same objectives and goals. And this is pretty much how it has been for the past 5 years.  Different people doing different additional training.

Enter Coach Seth.  I met Coach Seth over a year ago in my box.  He came to us as a drop in from Omaha. He told me he was interested in moving here and if there would be any job opportunities.  I told him to keep in touch and we would see what we could do.  You have to realize, I meet "coaches" every day....like really, every day.  I get texts, emails, calls, resumes...etc.  ALL THE TIME!  There are about 5 questions I ask all of these coaches, and by the 5th, I know if I want them at Conquest.  Let's just say I had a really good feeling about Seth, and we kept in touch for months, until he was ready to make the move.  To this day, Seth is one of the only coaches I have hired from outside of our membership base.  That should say something.

Seth came to us with a lot of programming knowledge.  And I knew it would come in handy someday, but because Paul does class programming, there really was no need to go there just yet.  So since Seth joined us, he became the early morning coach, someone who can clean the gym better than professional cleaners, and also started to train a couple people during open gym.  I noticed.  And kept noticing.  The wheels started turning in my head.   You have to realize that even though I am 50, and even though my parts don't work like they used to, there is a fire in me that loves competition.  Even if it's not me doing the competing.  The problem was, with the elimination of Regionals, the elimination of the CrossFit media team, and all of the exposure CrossFit had because of these things, the world of CrossFit competition was getting smaller and smaller every year. AND THEN GLASSMAN SOLD CROSSFIT!  YES!!!


You all know my predictions of CrossFit and competition with the introduction of Eric Roza, the new owner of CFHQ! If you don't, let's just summarize and say that it's gonna be big.  Like really big.  Bigger than before. Don't bet against me, or Roza.

CLICK! Lightbulb! We need a cohesive, inclusive, focused, and coached competition program! And there you have it, the new and improved Conquest Black Comp Program.  I can't even describe how excited I am about this.  And to have an experienced coach in the driver's seat such as Seth, is a welcomed gift for Conquest.

So, if anyone, and I mean anyone, is interested in what is to come, please check out the white board at the gym as we will be having a "team" meeting this Friday night at 7pm at the box.

In closing, what is CrossFit about?  It is NOT about competing.  It is about health and fitness and seeing your grandkids get married.  CrossFit competition is the gravy, the sugar on top, the little extra that gives many of us fulfillment, both physically and mentally.  And it's cool to watch on TV too (Netflix, Battle of Dubai is epic).

Hope I fired you up!

Till next time, do an extra rep because someone is always counting!  ;)