Hey everyone,

It's that time of year again!  Yes, you guessed it, the holidays are here.  And not just any holiday, but the BEST holidays!  

Unfortunately, and fortunately, the holidays bring lots of yummy food, parties, drinks, and all around fun for us.  How do we keep on track with training and nutrition?  It's tricky.  Very tricky.  But let's not overthink it.  Let's be human and have some fun.  I've been doing CrossFit for 15 years, 12 of them as owner of Conquest.  And one thing I've learned is not to take training and diet so serious that it crushes my good mood or spirit during the holidays.  I am just like everyone else, I "cheat" more this time of year, attend more events, and travel at times.  So staying on point with nutrition is tough.  Getting a good workout in, not so tough.

So this is what I suggest.  Do what you have to do to enjoy life, especially with loved ones, and especially this time of the year.  Life is too short not to.  But also remember that life is precious, and we have to treat our bodies with respect.  What I mean is that of course we can indulge, and even take an extra rest day here and there.  But we have to do this all in moderation.  If you have an event or know you are going to a holiday party, make sure you train hard the day of, because chances are you won't be training the day after.  And then pick up right after that rest day.  Drink more water than usual.  Not too much more, but just a bit more.  Eat healthy foods, REAL foods, when you can.  Don't eat out as much and save those calories for the parties and events.

I try to remember that December is just a month and January is no different.  I don't "wait" till January to get serious.  I am serious all year round, but also have more fun and eat a bit more "forgiving" during the holidays.  But apart from some events and some parties, my training will stay on point and my diet will too, when it can.  

Don't be hard on yourself, just be disciplined when you can be and have fun as well!

See you at the box!