Hi again everyone!  Just wanted to take this week's Box Talk edition and spend a few minutes on Covid 19.  It is the topic of social media, the news, the dinner table, the gym, pretty much everywhere you go.  So although my two cents doesn't matter to the world, maybe it matters to a few of you.  

Since the virus has been in existence, it seems that we, as humans, have been on a frantic course of reactions.  And whether or not you agree or disagree with the reactions, the fact is that we are, indeed, reacting.

Shutdowns, curfews, social distancing, masks, etc.  The list is long.  I have said it before, and will say it again, I am not a very political person, and would like to say that I make decisions based on common sense AND science.

That being said, this is a fitness blog, so let's steer that way.  Covid is hurting people.  Making them very ill, and also killing them.  We recently lost a parent of a dear Conquest veteran a couple weeks ago.  I trained with this person for years before they moved away from the area, and was heartbroken to find out that his father had passed from Covid.  It rattled me, to say the least.

So yeah, it's a real thing.  And yeah, I know...so is heart disease, and strokes, and the flu, and all the other stuff that can kill you.  And we can all agree or disagree on how correct or corrupt the response has been to deal with it, but either way, we can all agree it is here and effecting all of us, our families, our income, our hobbies, our lives....pretty much everything.

And because it is here, and probably here for a while, we have to be PROACTIVE, and not just reactive. Why?  Because the reaction measures are ever changing and too wildly debated.  The proactive measures are EASY!  And YOU, a CrossFitter, know what those measures are. Exercise! Sleep! Eat paleo! And drink lots of water!

Now listen, I know you know this.  But do your loved ones know this? It isn't talked about.  It's not in the news.  It's only on social media by the gym owners and gym junkies like us.  But not the masses.  Why?  Because it's not "sexy".  And it's hard to work out and eat right.  It is.  You know it and I know it.  But it prevents death.  It absolutely and unequivocally prevents premature death.  Not in all cases of course, but the highest percentage under 100.

I ask the question, "Why do you do CrossFit?" many times in my classes.  And you all know what I say.  I do it because I want to live to 100.  And I am serious when I say it.  I want to see my kids grow old.  I want to have grandkids.  And that's not gonna be easy for me, because I'm already 50 with a 4 month old.  LOL.  But it is what it is, and I want it.  So that's my fitness goal!  And so I exercise, eat right, sleep well, and drink water (and Fit Aid).  

What am I doing to prevent Covid or beat it if I get it?  All of the above. I know that it's not a sure thing.  But I think my chances go up exponentially with a 50 resting heartrate and a solid set of lungs.  

Over the past month, I have signed up many new members.  And many have said to me that they are joining because they know they have to change their ways.  That this is a scary thing in the world, and they want to be fit and ready.  I love hearing that. Man I love it.  Gives me chills.  

So spread the word.  People should be running to their gyms, or parks, or just up and down their driveways...whatever it takes to take their first step into fitness.  Our "leaders" should be screaming for people to exercise as much as they are screaming at people to follow all the orders. If exercise and healthy food was as important as all of the rest, I think we would be in a little bit different situation.  

I've always like the word proactive.  It's a cool word.  And more important now then ever.

Thank you all for reading and listening and allowing me to come into your homes once a week like this.  I have found a renewed joy in coaching, and hope it shows.  

Till next time, watch some Netflix, sleep well, and get ready to WOD HARD!