Is CrossFit for everyone?

The workouts look hard and very intense, how can everyone do it?
Yes, CrossFit is for everyone, from the young to the old. The student and the grandmother. The answer is SCALABILITY. Each exercise we perform can be broken down to very simple movements and scaled to your fitness level.

How many days a week should I come?

We suggest a minimum of three, but no more than five. Your body needs it's rest and recovery days.

Should I change my diet?

CrossFit prescribes to a healthy Paleo/Zone diet. You can find the links on our home page. If you have more questions on this and would like a diet designed for you, ask about our Nutrition Class.

If I have done CrossFit before, do I need to go through your intro class?

No, simply contact Coach Jonny or Coach Donivan and set up a time to come in and WOD with us.

Can I freeze my membership?

At this time, we do not have a freeze policy as our program is month to month.

Are guests permitted?

Local guests are permitted as long as you call ahead and reserve an intro with Coach Jonny or Coach Donivan. Out of town guests are not permitted unless they are avid CrossFitters.

Can I do more than just your CrossFit WOD?

Absolutely. We have set aside certain hours for open gym, strength training, and competition training. Check with your coaches regarding these times.

Can I get to class late?

Class starts on time. Being late disrupts the flow of the class and also limits you to warm up time. Please be early. Early is ON TIME.