Coach Kristina

                      Coach Kristina was Born and raised in Sunrise, Florida. She has a degree in exercise and sport science. She was also a collegiate athlete prior to Crossfit. She cheered and was a member of the track and field team for 4 years in college. She started Crossfit in 2016 and Conquest was her first Box! Great choice! Then in 2017 she started coaching.



Favorite Movements: Hmmm I enjoy a good snatch but jerk is my jam !

Least Favorite Movements: Front/back squat it's a tie between those two.

Favorite thing and/or interesting thoughts about coaching?
It's a beautiful thing when someone shows progress with a movement they have been working on for some time. Whether it be muscle ups or box jumps, that is the definition of success and I'm excited to be able to witness greatness on a daily basis.


Her Hobbies now include Crossfiting, Dancing and singing in the shower.

As a kid she enjoyed putting on Halloween costumes and walking around the block in July sweating and just having a grand old time. 

What are 3 more facts we do not know about you?
1. I was a competitive cheerleader from the age of 5-22
2. I DJ and MC events
3. I have 2 dogs Kali and Salibra



Advice to athletes:

Don't compare your performance with other crossfitters; everyone is at a different point in their Crossfit journey.

Be proud of your scores because they reflect the hard work you put into your craft!

Let's go party people

And 3-2-1 GO! Everyday of your life!

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