Why CrossFit Conquest?

We were awarded FITTEST BOX IN South Florida for 2 years in a row! Have qualified for the CrossFit Games Regionals! And have also participated in the CrossFit Games, CrossFit at its highest level!!!  let us show YOU what YOU'RE made of!

New clients can try out CrossFit Conquest for free! Call for information and set an appointment to get onboard with CrossFit Conquest! Call (954) 526-8116

CrossFit Conquest has proudly charted its own course since 2010, and our program is distinctly different from the typical fitness programs found elsewhere in South Florida. CrossFit Conquest credits its philosophy of integrating a focus on fitness with balanced nutrition to continually make progress in achieving elite level fitness goals. Our membership continues to grow with those who share our philosophy, and while most fitness programs are ‘one size fits all’, our program welcomes members of all fitness levels, as our programs can benefit everyone, young or old, the seasoned competitor or beginner - the program is customized to provide optimal benefits to every individual through the use of scalability. Everyone is different, and has different fitness goals, so why should everyone be expected to maintain the same pace or exercise regimen? CrossFit Conquest doesn’t believe that makes sense, and that isn't how we help members succeed.  

We offer world-class personal training services - without charging you by the hour! 

CrossFit Conquest continues to deliver personalized fitness through our skilled, professional coaches who are certified in CrossFit, as well as several other areas of athleticism and sport, such as Gymnastics, Rowing, Olympic Lifting, Power Lifting, CrossFit Football, and CrossFit Kids. Our coaches are committed to working with members individually to assist them in reaching their fitness goals, through nutritional guidance and exceptional fitness strategies.

CrossFit Conquest provides members with extraordinary variety so that they continually feel challenged, and are pushed to their fullest potential. At CrossFit Conquest, no one ever gets bored, which is crucial so that members stay motivated to workout at our facility, see results, and continue to strive for progress. Part of the determination to reach elite level fitness comes from the moral support and fellowship members extend to one another at CrossFit Conquest, as our members not only encourage each other, but also hold each other accountable. The support system you receive at CrossFit Conquest is unparalleled, and you will feel you are a part of a team that is always cheering you on. 

we deliver unmatched, competitive level strength and conditioning training that anyone can take advantage of, at a price that is affordable to everyone.  

As a member of CrossFit Conquest, you receive more than just a fitness program. You are pushed to achieve elite level fitness, you are given the support of a community that welcomes you, and tools that will help you succeed. Some other benefits to becoming part of the Conquest team:

  • Top Competitive level professional coaches that care about your progress

  • Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching

  • Events outside of the BOX

  • The ability to track your progress

Call today for a personal introduction to CrossFit Conquest, and spend an hour with one of our coaches, who will determine your fitness level, identify your goals, and make a plan for achieving them. Learn about nutrition, the science behind strength and conditioning training and how it affects your body, and what type of lifestyle changes are needed for you to succeed. Then find out what a typical hour of CrossFit training is about, so you can determine if it’s right for you. By the way, it’s on us! YES, FREE! Come check out CrossFit Conquest today! Call and schedule your journey to fitness at (754) 200-6934.